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I had been looking for a program like Swiss Fitt for some time. During my late 30s and early 40s my weight was very stable but over the past few years it had been creeping up yearly, in spite of efforts to work on my diet and regularly exercising. Additionally, I found I was craving foods (especially carbohydrates); always seemed to be eating, yet always hungry and my energy levels were low. So, I was very interested in a program that would address these issues, and one that would offer exercises that would increase strength, endurance and flexibility. So when the information for Swiss Fitt came through our email, I “jumped on” it, hoping it would help me stabilize my weight and deal with the continual hunger and food cravings.

I have appreciated the ENTIRE program because of its comprehensive nature. The Mind Makeover series by Dr. Chaney and the educational information that he and Dr. Dubois have presented have been very, very useful. When we have a concern, Dr. Dubois and Dr. Chaney are immediately responsive and provide guidance for necessary alterations. Lastly, (and I was a bit skeptical about this) I’ve loved the products from Shaklee. ☺

So, now that we’ve completed the 12 weeks, I’m at my goal weight, my hunger and food cravings have pretty much completely stabilized and my strength and endurance have really improved. It’s definitely been a time commitment but very worth it and I highly recommend the program! -Nancy C.

I am so happy that I joined the 12 week Swiss Fitt Ultimate Lifestyle weight loss plan. I have tried many, many “diets” with some weight loss, only to eventually gain the weight back. But with the 12 Week Weight Loss plan, I was given many “tools” to help change my lifestyle to a much healthier way of living and eating. -Linda L.

I have personally benefited a great deal from taking an active role in the 12-week Swiss Fitt Ultimate Lifestyle Class. This class, being quite different from others, allows a person to do a lot of self-examination to see how you measure up, and then supplies the information and the tools to help you shape up. Although it is very important, we focused not only on the weight, but also the shape, with emphasis on the shape of the MIND. The Mind Makeover and the Nutrition Makeover Videos played a major role in helping us to make decisions and focus on the nutrition needed to have a BODY Makeover.

This class moves a person closer to making good nutrition choices automatically. -Sallie C.

Thank you for coaching us through the whole weight / inch loss process! Without your expertise, encouragement and recorded “lessons”, we never would have made it through. -Barbara H.

Other Testimonials:

Thank you so much for making such a difference in my life!