Does Leucine Trigger Muscle Growth?

post-Workout Protein Shake

What Does The Perfect Post-Workout Protein Shake Look Like? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney If you work out on a regular basis and read any of the “muscle magazines”, you’ve seen the ads. “Explode Your Muscles.” “Double Your Gains.” They all claim to have the perfect post-workout protein shake, backed by science. They all sound so […]

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Is High Protein Your Secret To Successful Weight Loss?

Do High Protein Diets Reduce Fat And Preserve Muscle? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney Are high protein diets your secret to healthy weight loss? There are lots of diets out there – high fat, low fat, Paleolithic, blood type, exotic juices, magic pills and potions. But recently, high protein diets are getting a lot of press. […]

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