Will Non-GMO Foods Be Less Nutritious?


The Unintended Consequences of the Proposed Non-GMO Labeling Laws Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney Post Foods recently announced that their Grape Nuts cereal will be completely non-GMO. General Foods followed suit by announcing that their Original Cheerios will also be non-GMO. That’s good news, right? Maybe, but it turns out that the new non-GMO Grape Nuts […]

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Should GMO Labeling Be Required For All Food Ingredients?


When Is GMO Not GMO? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney I’m probably going to get lots of hate mail for this week’s “Health Tips from the Professor” because I’m finally going to tackle the GMO controversy. You see, the GMO controversy is very much like Washington politics. On one side of the aisle, you have the […]

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