Will Non-GMO Foods Be Less Nutritious?


The Unintended Consequences of the Proposed Non-GMO Labeling Laws Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney Post Foods recently announced that their Grape Nuts cereal will be completely non-GMO. General Foods followed suit by announcing that their Original Cheerios will also be non-GMO. That’s good news, right? Maybe, but it turns out that the new non-GMO Grape Nuts […]

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The Two Biggest Misconceptions About Supplementation

Nutrition Myths

Secrets You Need To Know Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney In last week’s “Health Tips From The Professor” I told you the truth behind the headlines that vitamins are a waste of money. This week I’m going to be talking about the two biggest misconceptions that people have about supplementation. These are two secrets you need […]

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Are Multivitamins A Waste Of Money?


Don’t Throw Your Vitamins Away Yet Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney Are Multivitamins A Waste Of Money? You’ve seen the headlines telling you that “the experts” have concluded that multivitamins are a waste of money. You might be wondering “What’s behind these headlines? Who are these experts, and what is their evidence?” Let’s start at the […]

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