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Are The Benefits Of Resveratrol A Myth?

Red Wine

Is Resveratrol Dead? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney It seems like just a few years ago that the headlines were proclaiming that resveratrol, a polyphenol found in red wines, grapes and chocolate, was the latest “super nutrient”. It was going to make you younger, smarter and healthier. You probably knew that all of the claims being […]

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Does Resveratrol Improve Blood Sugar Control?

blood sugar test

The Promise of Resveratrol Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney It was just a few years ago that resveratrol was the latest “miracle nutrient”. It was featured on Dr. Oz and on 60 Minutes. It was hot! Today you see dueling headlines. The headlines one week proclaim the benefits of resveratrol. Next week’s headlines say that it’s […]

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Can Fish Oil Make Children Smarter?

Confused Child

When Do Omega-3 Supplements Make Sense? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney We know that the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil are critically important for brain development. But will they really help our kids learn better? Some studies suggest that they do, while other studies have come up empty. Why is this? More importantly, what […]

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Do Omega-3s Lower Blood Pressure?

High Blood Pressure

The Good News About Fish Oil Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney High blood pressure or hypertension is a major problem in this country. Over 60% of Americans have high blood pressure. Only 47% of those with hypertension are adequately controlled. 20% of them don’t even know that they have high blood  pressure. In this case, ignorance […]

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Is Vitamin D Overhyped?

Clouds Obscuring the Sun

Are Clouds Gathering For the Sunshine Vitamin? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney We’ve known for years that vitamin D plays an essential role in calcium metabolism and is important for bone health. In fact, the use of vitamin D to prevent and cure rickets is one of the greatest success stories in the field of nutrition. […]

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Does Carnitine Increase Heart Disease Risk?

Heart Health

Carnitine: Dr. Jekyl or Mr. Hyde? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney It’s both interesting and confusing when one Journal article appears talking about the dangers of a particular supplement and just a couple of weeks later another article appears talking about the benefits of that same supplement – especially when the conclusions of both articles are […]

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Can Diet Alter Your Genetic Destiny?

Bad Genes

Disease Is Not Inevitable Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney Many people seem to have the attitude that if obesity [or cancer, heart disease or diabetes] runs in their family, it is their destiny. They can’t really do anything about it, so why even try? Most of us in the field of nutrition have felt for years […]

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Are Dietary Supplements Safe?


It’s a Jungle Out There Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney It’s a jungle out there. You probably already know that there are some bad players in the food supplement industry. There are companies that make products that don’t work, products that haven’t been tested for safety and efficacy, products are contaminated, and even products that are […]

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Do Selenium & Vitamin E Increase Prostate Cancer Risk?

vitamin E

Should Men Avoid Those Supplements? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney You’ve probably seen the headlines saying “Supplementation with selenium and vitamin E increases the risk of prostate cancer.” The authors of the study even said “Men aged greater than 55 should avoid supplements with either vitamin E or Se (selenium) at doses that exceed recommended dietary […]

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Is Fish Oil Really Snake Oil?

Fish Oil

Does Fish Oil Reduce Heart Disease Risk? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney One of my readers recently sent me a video titled “Is Fish Oil Just Snake Oil?” and asked me to comment on it. The doctor who made the video claimed that the most recent studies had definitively shown that omega-3 fatty acids, whether from […]

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